Sunday, May 12, 2013

What Wows You About a Wine Bottle?

   Quite recently a friend admitted she bought a bottle of wine wholly based on the name of the wine and the label. This got the wheels turning, made me wonder if there are others out there who purchase a wine purely using your visual sense. Is it the name that catches your eye, the label design, the shape of the bottle or some other characteristic that draws you to a wine? I must confess, even an experienced oenophile will sometimes give in to temptation, take a chance and pick up an unusual bottle. 

Dearly Beloved, I Thee Red
Regina's Pick: A clever name, with an artistic bottle.
Cupcake Pinot Noir
Sarah's Pick: A cutesy name.

Bully Hill Sweet Walter's Red
Lauralyn's Pick: Unique label.
Lisa's Pick: Bought a bottle for the glass cork.

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin
My Pick: Matching label & cork.

   It is very common for winemakers to create catchy names, flashy labels or gimmicky packaging to entice the consumer. Has anyone else out there bought a wine because they have been wowed by the bottle? If so, it would be really great to hear about your wine experience.

Cin Cin!


  1. I bought a bottle of wine because of it's name - "The Middle Sister".... because I am the middle sister!

  2. And was it a good pick? Do you continue to buy it?