Monday, July 8, 2013

Wine Storage

   Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and safe 4th of July holiday. I trust you all made some great wine choices as you celebrated with family and friends while sweltering around the grill.
   By now you should also have experienced the joy of receiving your shipment from WinesTilSoldOut (WTSO), having taken advantage of the great deals on Cheapskate Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. If so, you may now be faced with the dilemma of wine storage. When considering the proper storage of your unopened bottles (especially now, during these balmy days), please remember the following:
  • 55°F is the average storage temperature for wine. Keep it consistent. 
  • Direct light can change the flavor of your wine. Store all wines away from light. 
  • The optimal humidity level for storage should be between 65-75%. This keeps the cork from shrinking, leading to oxidation. 
  • Always store wine on its side. This will also help keep the cork from shrinking, which causes the wine to spoil. 
   Depending on your living space, there are a few options for storing wine:
   Wine Storage Coolers: One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received is a wine storage cooler. Depending on your budget, these coolers come in all different sizes, shapes and price points. They can be set to chill red, white or both if they are on the larger side.
   Wine Cellar/Basement: Assuming you are fortunate enough to have the space and the funds, you can go all out and build a wine cellar, adding a tasting room if you are really lucky. If you do not have the resources, set up a few racks in your basement, where it is dark and cool enough for storage.
: If you have a spare closet and are handy, you can fully convert the space into a “wine cellar”. Otherwise, clear out a area in a cool, airtight closet in your living space and add a few storage racks. 

   Long or short term, it is important you properly store your unopened bottles of wine at home. A cooler, a cellar or a closet, either one of these are a viable option to keep wines safe for the everyday enthusiast. 

Cin Cin!