Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome, Wineaux! (pronounced Wy-noze)

     On this, April 17 Malbec World Day, it only seems apropos that I write my very first entry and introduce you all to Wineaux. Many of you who know me are aware that I have been an oenophile (a lover of wines) for some time. Since I started working again full-time over a year ago, I really miss the free time I had to roam the local wine stores, to visit events and tastings or to attend a class.
     Before returning to work, I was unemployed for nine months and spent hours in the wine stores, scanning the shelves, just reading the labels and wine descriptions. It brought me such joy; I used to joke that I would have dusted the bottles and shelves for free (or for a bottle or two!). 
     At the time I was also taking a really intense wine class. Once a week for twenty-four weeks, me and a room full of twenty-somethings learned about grape varieties, regulation and legislation, climate, geography, soil, industry statistics, and specific grape growing and winemaking techniques. It was a lot to absorb while sipping six to eight wines each week. 
     Now over a year later I find myself frustrated, with little time to spare to do the things I enjoy most. This page was created as a way to express myself, uncork my enthusiasm and dispense my knowledge for wine. It could be a new store I wander into, a label I like, or a unique wine pairing; everything and anything wine, all brought to you with a touch of humor. It is my hope that you will join me on this new adventure as I believe, deep down inside, we are all wineaux.



  1. I'm so happy you will be for some of those amazing recommendations.......

  2. What's today's topic?

  3. Looking forward to some $12 and under recos!